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Born Jamericans – Send My Love

one of my favorite songs people i know my music so have to share it wit you so u remember the good old days when niggas yes i said it niggas worked hard to make a song sound right ya dig stay up stay cool.

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Mos Def – new world water

yo people sleeping 4real mos def is ahead of his time been listen to this a few weeks now just wanted to post it so people could listen to the real talk every word is on point take a listen and see for yourself big up to all the fan of my blog haven’t been on my blogging job in amin but im back now stay up stay cool.

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Yes this is me i do alittle rapping as well im posting about this video cuz its getting alot of hits on youtube i feel real good about that so i wanted to share it wit the blogging world my friends and everybody else ya dig stay up stay cool.

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Available May 5th for Download on iTunes World-Wide
KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT unveil the first song off their highly anticipated album “SURVIVAL SKILLS” in stores August 25th on Duck Down Records.
ROBOT, produced by Havoc of Mobb Deep, is a hard-hitting track that showcases KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT in true form, highlighting the current auto-tune trend in Hip-Hop and exposing the copy-cat mentality that has rappers hiding behind “the program.” Stepping outside the factory that Hip Hop has become, the duo lead the charge in the battle for originality.
The video for ROBOT is being filmed this week by Todd Angkasuwan in Brooklyn, New York with BET providing exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage.
“Survival Skills” has confirmed features from Mary J Blige, Slug, of Atmosphere, Immortal Technique, K’NAAN, Talib Kweli, Sean Price, Naledge of Kidz In The Hall, Smif N Wessun, Rock of Heltah Skeltah and Geo of Blue Scholars.

Production on the album includes tracks from Havoc, of Mobb Deep, 9th Wonder, Black Milk, Marco Polo, Moss, Coptic, KHRYSIS! and Ill Mind


To read the lyrics from ROBOT visit KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT’s LYRIC BOOK:
Download the track here:
For more information on the project visit:

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i call this the confused post cuz i could think of so much that has me feeling that way from life to woman mostly woman cuz i try to represent myself as a good dude someone u know u could look at and say yeah i dont mind being wit as i said before i try but some females i run into they just dont get me or maybe i should say im to straight forward i say things that a normal dude might keep in i dont play games but i find that women play more games then men how can u run game on somebody who call u on it all the time i think its point less now this is me getting back to my way of thinking and my straight forwardness i dont think thats a word but u get my point i dont waste time making up shit to say i say it and if i say it its real but dudes run so much game on these females time they make it over to my side they lost.

They dont know whats real from not so most of the time they miss out and end up wit the same type of dude they didnt want to be wit in the first place maybe thats called karma i dont know lol all am saying if u see a dude like me talking real talk and let u know wat he stands for and how he stand for it lady’s take a chance or just miss out on something u might never get back again as u can see me writing this u could tell im straight to the point stay up and stay cool peace.

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On a lighter note wit all the crazy stuff thats going on in the world right now aka swine flu which is another plot by the people in power just wanted to send this out to all the lady’s dont u forget how well i treated you just in case the world is coming to a end lol naw just joking anyway its a great song so im sending it out to u all ight stay up stay cool .
Glenn Lewis – Don’t You Forget It

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