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Our relationships define us. They often determine whether we are happy or sad, optimistic or pessimistic. R&B duo Doll Phace understands this reality, especially as it pertains to love. On their forthcoming debut album, Love Tonic, Monica and Juanita present love as a force of invigoration, something inspiring and a source from which to draw strength.

“It’s something that’s going to make you feel good, from the beginning to the end,” Juanita says. “The album is supposed to be the fix. We’re keeping it fresh, but still grown and sexy. It’s real music that you want to hear over and over again, and the lyrics take you on a journey.”

One of the most interesting Love Tonic journeys takes place on “Ticket.” On this sensual, visual song about getting pulled over en route to a romantic rendezvous, Doll Phace place themselves in a potentially precarious position. “People can relate to getting a ticket and people can relate to hurrying up to get to somebody,” Monica explains. (Monica’s True Vision Media Group will be releasing Doll Phace’s Love Tonic through Fontana/Universal, part of the largest, most powerful music company in the world.) “If I get a ticket,” Monica continues, “it doesn’t matter because I’m going to see my man.”

Monica and Juanita have a similar type of friendship. Originally from Baltimore, Monica moved to Los Angeles to pursue opportunities in the entertainment business. She brought her love for music and her B-More perspective with her. “I like the toughness and the realness that people have that come from Baltimore,” Monica says.

Inglewood, California native Juanita felt that music was her calling. “From the time I was five or six, I knew I was going to be a musician,” she recalls. “Being in LA was a perfect opportunity because I could just run into opportunities.”

The group is also featured in upcoming movie “Let The Church Say Amen” Directed by Regina King starring Vivica Fox. The group will also be featured in “Mama I want To Sing” starring Patti Labelle, Hill Harper & Ciara.

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