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So Eminem is back every web site blog anything that have to do wit music says so and its like damn so thats what people been waiting for all this time so much great rapper’s are around right now dont get me wrong i im a shadyaftermath gunit supporter and im happy to see everybody love eminem so much that every web site just jump on everything he did this pass 2 weeks well for one thing its becuz everybody want there shine as well u write about him or u post video the interviews he did u get mad hits for your web site money money money i guess thats what this white boy stand for even if he dont know it or he dont care about it but its been along time coming i would really like to hear what he came up wit he had mad time to make the best hip hop album possible dr dre on the beats so thats a plus but i dont understand wit all the press he been getting just after a interview and a song if dude was bring out a cd tomorrow it would sell million in 2 hours lolz thats how i feel like he dont have to do much while lil wayne had to drop 2million songs in 2years just to sell something do u understand what im saying so how can he be the best thats a next storybut for all the no lyrics rappers beware your time maybe up so get what u getting and walk out peacefully before security kick your ass out yea dig Biggs out.



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Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "untitled", posted with vodpod

funny funny funny check it out.

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